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Ainara gives a talk at the Huawei workshop in London


Ainara is presenting our research in the Huawei workshop in London

Rowena and Federico presented our work at SSE2019
in Birmingham University


Rowena and Federico contributed with two oral presentations at the Solid State Electrolytes workshop organised by Prof. Peter Slater at Birmingham University.

Great progresses on the Hi-5


Our brand new and world unique Plasma Focused Ion Beam - Secondary Ions Mass Spectrometer (PFIB-SIMS) is currently been calibrated! Phase one column was delivered and assembled by Oregon Physics early last week and now we are working to have it up and running.

Hi-5 is a unique FIB-SIMS with simultaneous dual detection (positive and negative ions) and a great lateral resolution (25 nm)!! Hi-5 was possible thanks to an EPSRC grant (EP/P029914/1) led by Ainara.

We are looking forward to test our first samples on Hi-5 and share with the scientific community our findings!

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