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Nomaan Nabi


Nomaan is a PhD student funded by the CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials housed in the London Centre for Nanotechnology, he joined the group in 2018. Nomaan graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he graduated with an MChem in Pure and Applied Chemistry.

During his undergraduate degree he undertook a 1 year placement at KAUST in Saudi Arabia where he worked on organic electronic device fabrication and characterisation such as organic photovoltaics and organic field effect transistors in Professor Iain McCulloch’s group at the Kaust Solar Centre. After his placement year he then received a summer placement opportunity to work on new N-heterocyclic carbenes as ligands for palladium catalysis which was funded by the RSC at Strathclyde University in Dr David Nelsons’s group. This was followed up by an internship in Professor Peter Skabara’s group working on small molecule red OLED devices.

In his final year as an MChem student his project was primarily wet organic chemistry based. He investigated a new synthetic route to develop novel organic luminescent compounds for OLED devices.


With a growing passion for research in the fields of information technology and energy he decided to pursue a career in research as a PhD candidate in the CDT-ACM as this allows him to do both. Nomaan is currently a joint member in Dr Ainara Aguadero’s group in the Electroceramics Lab at Imperial College London and Professor Paul Shearing’s group in the Electrochemical Innovation Labs at UCL.


Nomaan is currently working on solid state batteries focusing on their chemical and mechanical degradation using state of the art in-operando techniques at both institutes, including SIMS instruments at ICL and computed tomography techniques for 3D imaging at UCL.

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