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George Wilson


George Wilson joined the water splitting theme of the Aguadero group in September 2017 having previously completed his master’s research project within the group in which he graduated with a first-class MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

Under the supervision of Ainara and Andrea, his current research focusses on the investigation and understanding of new materials for thermochemical water splitting for improved system efficiencies. He will try to comprehend material’s performance and properties through various characterisation techniques such as thermogravimetric analysis and high temperature X-ray diffraction.

George is part of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) Fuel Cells & their Fuels. This joint consortium of five UK universities provides training for students on hydrogen technologies ranging from safety and storage, to managing a fuel cell company. Additionally, George works with the public outreach group UCell who provide demonstrations of new electrochemical technologies to the general public at festivals and schools.

In his spare time, George enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis and watching films.

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