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Dr Ainara Aguadero


Ainara is a Senior Lecturer in Materials.Her research focuses on the study of physical and chemical properties in complex oxides, bulk surfaces and interfaces for application in solid state electrochemical devices such as batteries, memristors, fuel cells and electrolysers.


Through this she has developed new materials with substantial increased in the performance than those of the current state-of-the-art. She has published over 64 (>2k citations h=25)  research papers in this field and holds 1 patent on their applications.

Her current research activity is mainly focused in  i) Use of surface analysis techniques to evaluate local chemical composition within materials and devices (i.e. batteries and fuel cells) and correlate this to their performance and degradation issues, ii) quantification of ion dynamics (6Li, 18O, D)  in complex systems and development of topotactic redox material's with high oxygen storage capabilities  

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